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Antidote v1.0 Mini-Project 1 - Platform Redesign

The day has finally come - I’m marking my pull request for the proposed redesign of the artist formerly known as Syringe as ready for review (applause, cheers, swooning ensues)

This took a lot of work just to get the words onto the page in a coherent way. Before even that was possible, each section (hell, almost every line) required some prototyping so that I could properly articulate the options as I saw them. Sometimes I came to a decision on a particular approach, sometimes I didn’t.

The way I laid out the proposed design is that I first explained the motivation for the change, but then went right into the big design domains that required some additional focus. In these sections I attempted to describe my vision for how these areas should work once this mini-project is finished.

There were many areas that I couldn’t answer every question from my prototyping, or that the amount of prototyping required would come dangerously close to just doing the work, so in the next section, I drew up what I referred to as an “execution plan”. This section contained a set of milestones, or high-level phases of implementation for this mini-project. If there were any unanswered questions that would still need to be figured out during implementation, or if there were any guiding principles/decisions that should be carried into the implementation, I put them within the relevant milestone.

You can preview the MP1 design draft here for ease of viewing, but please - use the pull request for comments. Much of the discussion is likely to be very contextual, and it helps me and the rest of the community to understand what we’re discussing if the context is there (i.e. clicking the blue button to the left of a line in the “files changed” tab to leave a comment on that line itself).

Note that this is still a draft - by marking this ready for review, I’m not in any way suggesting the document is finished. The whole point here is to solicit feedback and improve it in the process.

I currently have a few other things on my plate that I’d like to clean up before we get into the full holiday season swing, but given that MP1 is a blocker for several other efforts, I’m looking to get started on the implementation fairly soon.