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Antidote Vagrant Box

@obergix suggested we look into providing our own Boxes so we can include images and maintain a supported version of Minikube/Docker/K8s. At this time, I can only support VirtualBox as a provider. I am working on the Packer scripts to build the VirtualBox box, but I will need some assistance in testing and building other providers (such as libvirt).

I thought the plan was to only support Virtualbox once the next version comes out which supports nested virt?

Yes, that is the plan. I am not entirely convinced the 6.1 version of Virtualbox will truly support nested virt. From what I am reading in the forums, it is limited Intel CPU’s. I am currently testing the 6.1 though, so I will keep everyone posted.

@Mierdin, which labs require nested virt?

Sounds good.

which labs require nested virt?

Any that are running a network device today, though with MP3 that will likely transition to “everything”.