NRE Labs Community

August 6, 2019 Weekly Community Standup Notes



Derick Winkworth
Lisa Caywood
Stephen Kiely
Matt Oswalt
Ethan Banks
Drew Conway-Murray


  • Lisa walked through Code of Conduct

    • Based on Covenant Code of Conduct, which is very popular in open source
    • English is primary language of project business
    • Violations reported up to Steering Committee
  • Lisa walked through Governance doc

    • Mission is to help foster adoption of NRE and automation
    • Scope of work is defined by mission. Commits are prioritized with respect
      to the degree they support the furthering of the mission
    • Technical Community responsible for is responsible for technical aspects of
    • Technical Community responsible for inbound code review process, needs
      to be created
    • Each project has two committers, ideally to prevent a sole person from
      having complete control of a project
    • Disputes between committers can be resolved up through Steering Committee
    • Matt to be the first Technical Community Leader for the first year.
    • Subsequent TCL are voted for by simple majority with terms of 1 year,
      given documented contributions in the prior 12 months.
    • Curriculum Lead, similar to developer advocate, responsible for finding
      other people interested in contributing lessons and on-boarding them.
      Also prioritizes lessons to ensure development is aligned with mission.
    • (Ethan comments that it’s clear that this guidance is about democratized,
      decentralized control).
    • Steering Committee is administrative oversight. Budget, paying the bills,
      legal stuff, and marketing. Help sets strategic direction with input
      from Technical Community. Minimally consists of 3 people, ideally 5 at
      this time.
    • Director is the “COO” of the project. Ensures project runs on a day-to-day
      basis. Elected by private vote by the Technical Community. Directors
      do not have had to commit anything in the last year, but must have
      demonstrated on-going support for the project in accomplishing its
    • Discussed additional roles on Steering Committee: Treasurer, Marketing
      lead, and Technical Community Leader.
    • Discussed voting procedures of Steering Committee. 1 vote per Steering
      Committee member. Voting members must attend meetings, and can be
      replaced if they miss 4 or more meetings in a row, with or without
      a designated proxy for those missed meetings.
    • Covered guidance on Community Assets and Intellectual Property. Platform
      is Apache 2.0 licensed. Lessons are published under Creative Commons.
  • Drew to post about BASH lessons through one of PacketPusher’s channels

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