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Bye-Bye Syringe! Hello Antidote-Core!

All - I’v just completed two major MP1 milestones:

  • First, I merged the long-running PR to re-vamp Syringe. This addresses much of the original MP1 document’s original concerns, but I was able to keep things simple in the process. I am quite happy with the way things turned out, and feel this is a much better base upon which to add additional functionality. It is also much easier to understand and communicate to others in terms of overall architecture (since I cleaned out as many skeletons as I could), so I’ll soon be turning my attention to the platform docs to re-vamp that side of things.
  • Second, I officially renamed the “Syringe” repo to “Antidote-Core”.

I am very excited by these changes, and what it enables. In the coming weeks I’ll be spending some time cleaning out old issues/PRs that are no longer relevant, and also finishing up some of the efforts that were depending on these changes. Stay tuned!