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Community Standup #1: Meeting Notes

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Derick Winkworth (@cloudtoad)
Lisa Caywood
Brian Linkletter

Feature requests/status:

VNC support (obergix)

Support for other node types (belinkletter)

Documentation/guidance on how to make a compatible container image (belinkletter)

Clearer documentation on what happens when a lab is launched through when it’s ready to be consumed (obergix)

Support for iframes (obergix)

Community issues:

Issue #113 in Syringe repository… it’s getting in the way of lesson development.

IP address assignment of utility containers is difficult to deal with

Marketing and Organization:

CC-Bi license conversion of lessons underway (thanks obergix)

Set of decks for proselytization to different audiences being worked on

Working on governance/sponsorship documents

Sponsoring based on lab size maybe?

Internship contributions by students? Partnering with education orgs

IRL meetups for NRELabs

CENGN: Possible contributor?

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