NRE Labs Community

Community Standup: Feb 18, 2020

When: Feb 18, 2020 08:00AM PST




  • launch - recap of first week
  • Kicking off development of the user survey
  • Curriculum Next-Steps
  • Antidote Next-Steps
  • Open Discussion

I’ll be missing the meeting once again… traveling in the train, so most likely offline :frowning:

Still, as an update on my side:

  • I’m collecting work that was done by a group of students who worked on LTI integration with LMS (Moodle), in order to add the (few) useful bits to a branch in the main repos. See my current progress here: Integration of Antidote with LMS systems (LTI ?)
  • and I have launched another project aiming at integrating Eclipse Che’s IDE (Theia) into Antidote, so as to be able to code inside the platform with better tools than vim ;-). They’ve just started, and I can’t yet predict how far this may go.

@obergix Thanks for the update!