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Community Standup: Feb 25, 2020

When: Feb 25, 2020 08:00AM PST




  • fix and post stats spreadsheet (Matt)
  • User survey draft status (Lisa)
  • Curriculum v1.1.1 Release
  • Antidote Platform 3-month outlook
  • Open Discussion

I’m not sure I grasped all the things about selfmedicate… but I’m still quite interested in being able to run my own copy of antidote in a VM (sortof), as a matter of security : if all else fails, I’m able to run my own copy locally.

Of course, another way to preview work online (which seems to be the discussed preferred way now ?) would be far more convenient in most use cases.

Still, I wouldn’t want to see Antidote become cloud-only, then SaaS at some point :wink: I’m an old f*rt, but I do like to be able to run software on my own computers, in last resort.

Hence, in between :

Selfmedicate will still be around. But it is a major hurdle as a required step for curriculum contributions, so we’re simply adding other options, and recommending those options as a primary mechanism for contributing to the NRE Labs curriculum. Those who wish instead to set up their own instance can use selfmedicate as a reference.