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Community Standup Notes: Aug 27, 2019

Community Standup Notes: Aug 27, 2019



Derick Winkworth
Stephen Kiely

Derick talked about youtube translations repository. Discussed automating the push of these translation files to youtube via their API, which they support.

Derick about autobuilding debian, netconf tools, and frr:

Derick talked about cosponsor efforts by Lisa and Derick briefly. Creating cosponsor guidance, creating images, demos, and example lessons to encourage other orgs to participate and contribute.

Obergix mentioned he would create a post in the community about setting up an NRELabs meetup in Paris area while Matt is in France. See his post here.

Obergix requested posting of last weeks community standup call.
Community Standup: Aug 20, 2019

Stephen requested his documentation work be merged prior to his live stream appearance on Sep 9.

Obergix has distributed-systems students that are looking to contribute to the project, and he thinks something “on the edge, rather than the core” is a good idea. So creating lesson images, or some other kind of work in support of the MP-n roadmap would be ideal.

Obergix reiterated his concerns around internationalization. He would like to see more effort in this direction.