NRE Labs Community

Community Standup Notes: Sep 3, 2019



Stephen Kiely (@smk4664)
Derick Winkworth (@cloudtoad)
Matt Oswalt (@mierdin)
Lisa Caywood (@lcaywood)

  • Matt officially kicked-off planning for Curriculum release v1.0.1. He went over how the project is laid out in github. Go the v1.0.1 project page for more.
  • Lisa mentioned need to convert lesson licensing to CC-Bi. Can probably accomplish this by putting a LICENSE file in the top level of each directory
  • Lisa mentioned adopting the Developer Certificate of Origin. Text to be posted to each repository. Contributers should appropriately sign commit messages, in accordance with DCO practice. Contributer documentation to be updated with instructions.
  • Stephen Kiely mentioned possibly using one of several markdown linters to automate “proof-reading” of lesson content. There are several repositories out there. See issue curriculum issue #201