NRE Labs Community

Community Standup: Nov 19, 2019

When: Nov. 19, 2019 08:00AM PST




Standup Meeting Notes

MP3 really needs to get off the ground. Images are the hardest part of building new content. Need to start with a PR for a draft doc just like MP1. Will follow the lead of the firecracker project, which is to create a common microvm base which is VERY stripped down, and then automate the installation of packages on top of that.

Discussion on Matt’s forum post.

  • We need more folks involved in the community, and self medicate is one of those things that can make or break that first impression.
  • Obergix brought up
  • We need to focus on getting vagrant/VB working. It’s almost there, just needs VB 6.1 for intel nested virt support

NRE Labs docs split.

  • Everyone’s in agreement that this is a good idea
  • Stephen is pro moving away from reStructuredText and thinks Gitbook looks really nice.
  • Olivier - pandoc probably allows easy conversion from rest to markdown
  • Matt going to work on building this out in a separate site and then we can discuss removal of content from antidote docs site

MP1 draft is going to be ready for review by EoW

Livestream will at least need to move to a new day that makes more sense. Thursdays at 1PM Eastern is new time for livestream, but depending on how that goes, we may also just move to a prerecorded model for additional flexibility.

(Will post recording of standup once available)