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Community Standup: Oct 29, 2019

Time: Oct 29, 2019 - 08:00AM PST




Lisa Caywood
Derick Winkworth
Stephen Kiely


  • Derick talked to Stephen re: Getting KVM to work with vagrant. There are dependencies issues with different versions of different linux distros. Stephen to investigate.
  • Derick subsequently discovered things work fine in 18.04 Ubuntu. Was running 19.04, not so great there. Had to downgrade ruby packages. Ultimately had to rebuild dev box.
  • Lisa status’d that the CoC is officially done and all attendees voted in favor of adopting it.

Was it recorded ? We missed it, Matt and me, cause he was speaking in Lyon at the same moment, so, just curious of what was said.

Updated post above with link.


Regarding the Intel support, in VB, AFAIR, there’s an ongoing change wrt linux kernel modules being aligned with std kernel ones, and we’re in the middle of the migration, which explains issues.

But vagrant has its own set of issues… then… maybe for Linux folks, plain minikube with qemu/kvm could still be the easiest option.

Maybe meaning that there would be different tools for different host OS for selfmedicate ?

Too bad I missed the call, anyway.

Let’s continue the discussion in the issues.