NRE Labs Community

Community Standup: Sep 10, 2019



  • Discuss upcoming changes to images available for curriculum lessons
  • Discuss two page PDF overview of NRELabs by @lcaywood
  • Discuss MP-3 project
  • Open discussion


Stephen Kiely (@smk4664 )
Lisa Caywood (@lcaywood)
Olivier Bergix (@obergix)
Matt Oswalt (@mierdin)
Derick Winkworth (@cloudtoad)


  • Derick discussed adding security related images to the curriculum, as Matt is working on a hackathon requiring them.
  • Olivier mentions labtainer security related lessons that might be easily portable to NRELabs (see in particular for networking tools)
  • Derick discussed other image work that is on-going, such as rebuilding vQFX lite, the FRR image build, and fixing the CVX image
  • Derick discussed the MP-3 project, which is all about how images are built for the curriculum.
  • Derick to start MP-3 doc in nre-learning/proposals repository
  • We’d like minimal kernels/images that boot fast and can be auto-built from scratch.
  • Olivier mentioned possibly using bentobox ( and/or Packer to create the images. We will investgiate these and other tools.
  • Lisa discussed keeping the stats current in the new marketing 2-pager she created for NRELabs. We should be updating this doc wtih new stats periodically.
  • The French translation for the title/description and subtitles for the intro video are live, thank you Olivier!
  • Lyon NRE meetup time is evening of the 29th. Exact time and place TBD.
  • Obergix to find location for meeting.

Zoom link: