NRE Labs Community

Community Standup: Sep 24, 2019




  • Move to a different chat platform?
  • Cumulus VX now working
  • FRR ready today
  • State of Network Automation (
  • OpenSource Summit Europe (Lyon, France)
  • Eclipse Che, integration with LMS through LTI, and other ideas by Obergix :wink:


  • Derick mentioned eliminating discord chat server and everyone agreed it wasn’t necessary.
  • Olivier and Stephen mentioned it has been useful in the past, but agreed it probably wasn’t necessary.
  • Will phase out chat server. Announcements to be made in chat server by Derick.
  • Stephen mentioned that NRELabs was discussed in Juniper’s SONAR report. Derick suggested Stephen write a blog post for the site, Stephen said he’d put it on his to-do list.
  • Obergix and Lisa discussed Lyon meetup, to take conversation with further details to the forums.
  • Obergix brought up using Eclipse Che both in-lesson and as a way to compose lessons on-line. Matt to investigate this and other in-browser and container IDE options and will document in MP-5 proposal.
  • Obergix mentioned integrating with a learning management system such as OpenEdX or Moodle. Matt said he has been looking into this and that he will, again, update the appropriate MP proposal with further info.
  • Matt mentioned that there are two to-do items for the v1.0.1 curriculum release and let everybody know these are great first-issue starting points if anybody wants to pick them up.