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Container images, configurator, any container image supported?

I’m wondering about the kind of images that can be deployed for lab pods. It seems that there’s a quite generic, but big image, “utility” containing a Linux container, but I have the impression that the configurator may be doing specific stuff related to syringe/antidote, which renders the 2 quite specific to antidote/nre.

To which extent is it feasable to deploy “regular” pod manifests to Antidote (of course they need to expose port 22, etc.) and what’s the exact role of the configurator in the deployment ?

I fear I haven’t RTFM enough :wink:

There is nothing specific to antidote/NRE in the utility containers. They can be deployed without NRELabs.

The only thing that happens is the lesson directory for that lesson is mounted and accessible in the utility containers, by the user of the lesson.

We could probably spend some time articulating which containers do what. There are some that are more “infrastructure-y”, and others that are meant to be reused. The configurator is a good example of the former, and there are other examples. utility is meant to primarily be used directly, or if you must, as a base for a custom image.