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Fine grained evaluation of learner activity (reusing Labtainer tools)

Would there be any use case for fine-grained evaluation of learning objectives in a lab, by making sure the learner really applied some instructions and obtained teh expected results ?

At the moment, the experiments inside the labs are completely unattended, and there’s no real measure of progress (the platform knows how many stages have been attempted, actually), and it’s only possible to do a self assessment of progress wrt the plan.

I think it may be possible to integrate some measurement tools which could give a more precise evaluation of the completion of some exercises.

Labtainers ( provides an interesting feature to be able to grade some labs, using a set of probles (command history, checks in file contents, or even execution of specific tools in the context of the container) by keeping traces of user activity at lab completion. As both projects build labs around containers, I think it may be interesting to evaluate to feasability to add the Labtainer tools in the standard base images for Antidote.

Anyone interested ?

See also on Labtainers-related lessons ports.