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Guacamole proxy only for SSH or VNC too?

I’ve not tested all lessons available on the public instance, but got the impression that Antidote currently provides only SSH access for terminals.

Have you thought about endpoints (? … still new to the terminology) consisting in VNC displays allowing to access lab desktops for instance, for GUI tools use ?

AFAIU, this is hardwired. So created an issue asking for an improvement:

You’re right - we’ve only done SSH thus far since that’s all we’ve needed. I responded to your issue (thanks for opening) - I’m curious if you have specific use cases in mind.

Any GUI app, basicaly. Like learning network protocols by inspecting packets with wireshark for instance.

FYI, I’ve made a hack that allows to display a GUI desktop in the right pane, through VNC. Here’s the PoC demo:

I’ve added the corresponding code in my clones of the repos and tracked that in the corresponding issues.

Not yet ready for a PR though :wink:

But nice, heh ?


I would like to add my +1 to this request. This would be great for desktop based applications such as Postman, vscode, theia…

Eh, +1 for theia for a Web-based editor instead of vim in the SSH tab :wink:

Btw, there are other options than Guacamole for remote GUI access in the browser, like NoVNC: . I have nothing special against Guacamole, except that we don’t use much of it ATM, and it seems a bit (too) big…


Here’s a more recent demo, with updated code (on 0.4.0), which allows testing it with syringed-mock: