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Integration of Antidote with LMS systems (LTI ?)

I’m thinking about the potential use of Antidote in school/campus/training contexts, where one would use it alongside a LMS (Learning Management System).

I can imagine it could be interesting to have users of Antidote authenticated through the LMS provided with lessons that’d be linked to their enrollments in the LMS. Authentication / access control to curriculum could then rely on an external provider (the LMS interfaces).

Also things like GUI could be exposed to the LMS somehow (beyon Iframes ?).

It would probably be interesting to be able to export metrics of activity like progress in the lesson stages to the LMS, to integrate activity in the labs in the student progress dashboards.

I guess the LTI standard ( Learning Tools Interoperability) could help in principle.

I’m planning to experiment with such a setup for integration with Moodle that we’re using here. I could also think about integration with OpenEdX for a MOOC platform that we may be using in the future.

Anyone else interested in similar features ?

MP4 is the right place for this. I just created a forum category to discuss these things, and took the liberty of moving this topic to that location. See the pinned topic there for links to all current proposals.

My students Mathieu Aouizerate and Youssef Jaouhari have worked on a PoC to try and integrate Antidote and Moodle over LTI.

I’m in the process of contributing some outcome of their student project (with their permission).

For a start, some demo syringed-mock changes are in a branch here:

Most of the difficulty, for testing, lies in the OAuth signing of the REST calls.

Stay tuned for more details (inc. a simple way to demo the PoC).

See also bits of docs that they wrote, added into