NRE Labs Community

June 11, 2019 community meeting notes


Lisa Caywood, Matt Oswalt, Greg Ferro, Olivier (obergix) Berger, Brian Linkletter, Christian Trodd, Yohannes (slimfire) +2 (missed names)

Recording :

Skipped marketing updates for today. Matt discussed near-term roadmap.

  • Process overview: Trello-like board (at text Doc describing release details. Acknowledgement that it needs to be published.

  • Q (BLinklet): I’d love to know more about the performance issues related to nested virt. I’m using it and see a 10% penalty (but I do not have a lot of I/O)

    • A: No benchmarking to date…bare metal provider will improve performance
  • V0.4 plan

    • Collections: Done, live on PTR. Showed test site. Provides orgs contributing lessons with a way to easily find and showcase their work.
    • Lisa: As we think about sponsorship benefits, one option would be to highlight sponsors’ Collections.
  • Syringe actions – details

    • Single binary, two sub-systems, API (what web front-end consumes) & scheduler (talks to K8s to spin up containers for requested lesson)
    • Cons with architecture: SPOF. State is kept w/in binary, so if it crashes, everything is gone.
    • Looking to move state out of Syringe to an external DB.
    • Olivier (Obergix) would like Syringe diagram posted to Documentation
    • Obergix: I’d have a use case for integration with university LMS maybe: like collecting activity traces for lab execution
    • BLinklet: Please publish the info in the release plan outline. Matt: Ok, this week.
    • Documentation needs: How to create an image, what are the requirements for an image? Configuration steps.
    • Prioritize: debugging the Go code. Get Monday’s Twitch commentary (see get into Antidote, and then documenting how to create image would be next. Help for people not familiar with Docker containers. CTodd could document Docker creation process. Has notes, needs help with putting it into Docs repo. Matt to have a call w/him, to show how to do it
    • Where to put Docs repo: currently in Antidote repo. Surface it as a top-level thing to make it easier to find.

AI: Matt to publish Syringe diagrams in Docs repo.

AI: Matt to get together Charlie to show him how to publish his notes on Docker creation to Docs repo. Will record call and also share THAT on YouTube and to Docs repo.

AI: Matt will publish release planning docs over the rest of the week, sub-project by sub-project. Community comments requested. We will review comments and suggestions in next week’s community call.

AI: Once planning docs are published, Matt will work on documenting image creation.