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June 18, 2019 Community meeting notes

Participants: Derick Winkworth, Matt Oswalt, Adam Grochowski, Brian Linkletter, Olivier Berger, Calvin Remsburg, Christian Trodd, JFarah

Lisa reviews last week’s notes

Matt introduces Antidote docs platform.

  • Antidote platform

  • Hacking on Antidote

  • Contributing (to the platform, lessons, documentation)

The way you define lessons changes significantly. WIP lessons will need to edit the lesson definition. is used for testing – a place to take a look at WIP

**Need help with testing for 0.4.0. Matt will document how to do it. You would need to have Self-Medicate in order to test locally.

BL: Still working through documentation for basic actions, but then would be interested.
OB: Me too.

BL: When will the changes be complete?
MO: Later this week. It will be in “Latest” but not Production.
BL: I couldn’t help test before Thursday.

LC: Is anyone working on any lessons right now?
DW: I’m working on a Bash lesson. several existing lessons use Bash scripts, but we didn’t really have anything on Bash itself. First one is about variables, then command line parameters or sourcing from config files, then _________. Those things combined are the easiest way to make a script. At the end of the lesson you’ll have a format for doing that in a repeatable way.

CT: We need to fix our platform first, then we’ll get to it.
CT: Documentation from last week: Matt’s covered a lot of it, but we’ll review docs and see if there’s anything we can add.

DW: What are the barriers to contribution, for those not yet doing so?
BL: Want to get FRR running on a Linux container, then write some lessons around Ansible, etc.
CT: Need way to test lessons not locally–my home computer isn’t powerful enough
MO: Want to get a point that you can write a lesson in the browser, not just run it there. Will also require a lot more compute than we’re currently using. But Self-Medicate itself doesn’t require a lot of resources–and you can edit the default 8 GB RAM, etc, that are required.
LC: Maybe document how to do this?

DW: Will set up a placeholder for next week’s agenda as a wiki article. Everyone can just add items to it as they wish over the week.

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