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Lesson Creation Wizard

As part of I am working on a wizard for interactively creating curriculum resources like lessons. This will hopefully make it easier to create content in general, but also make it more obvious what features are available to lesson authors in the platform (if they’re just copying an existing lesson they may feel constrained to what that lesson made use of).

The reason I’m working on this in the database PR is because our new database models have been tag-annotated so that the ones that represent curriculum resources have a corresponding jsonschema document. This allows us to iterate over all of the fields in the jsonschema document and interactively prompt the user to fill in values for each property.

See this in action:


This is a relatively small part of the effort involved with this PR, so feedback is welcome while I work on other things. I modeled the UX after the way the StackStorm client allows you to configure Packs, which was my original inspiration for the idea.