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Lessons timeout

Hi guys,

I believe there is some timeout for interactive sessions in NRE labs. It is becoming quite annoying when trying to do something long.

Better if you but a timeout that kicks when the user is inactive for sometime. So active users can still use the system with no interruption.

I don’t know if this is feasible, just a suggestion.


You should open an issue on this on github. We have discussed possibly having a “switch” to turn off the timeout when running selfmedicate locally.

There are a few timeouts in play here. In particular, the garbage collection interval is tweakable in Syringe using SYRINGE_LIVELESSON_TTL, and that is based on activity (defaults to 30 minutes of no refreshes or stage changes).

So, I’ll assume you’re talking about the timeout in antidote-web? If so, please create an issue in that repo - as @cloudtoad mentioned, we have been considering this so having this issue will give us a target for the effort.