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MP - Build Lessons in the Browser

I was reading the and noticed the page on Build Lessons in the Browser. A good alternative to Cloud9 is TheiaIDE The benefit of Theia IDE is it is not tied to Amazon’s infrastructure, it can be deployed anywhere.

I am currently working on a lesson for Theia IDE, which could be used as an intro lesson for Building New Lessons.

In addition there is which is Theia Hosted.

The Eclipse Che 7 release announcement has interesting pointers to Theia, Che being marketed at a Kubernetes native IDE :

I guess it would fit quite well integration of an IDE into Antidote lessons, I think.

Who’s up for tests ? :wink:

I’ll add these to the draft I’m building for the MP for this - the challenge here I’d expect won’t be which project we use for the browser editor, but how to structure the back-end infrastructure to be cost-effective, since we’re effectively consolidating everyone’s development environment onto the same cloud infrastructure.

Indeed, that will be the issue. Or taking a different approach and take building lessons just like a Wordpress site would build content.

I was looking for a GO way of doing something that I am familiar with in Python - I am sure we could also write our own. Does GO have templating like Jinja2?

It definitely does -

And unlike Python, this is part of the standard library. It also works somewhat similar to Jinja so it’s also not a totally foreign concept.

I use it all the time in all kinds of projects, including the NRE blog and my own personal blog, as both are powered by Hugo, which uses this to do all of it’s rendering.

FYI I just created a category for the MP that will deal with this and took the liberty of moving this topic there. See the pinned post for links to existing proposal docs - all WIP of course.

Just for the records, I’ve proposed yet another project to a student of mines about investigating the integration of an IDE into Antidote, starting with Theia / Eclipse Che. Not sure this is feasable for them, but interesting experiment, hopefully. Well keep you posted.

I have a docker container of Theia that I wanted to use in a lesson. That may be a starting point.

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