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Platform really slow?

I’ve been trying to use the platform to record a screencast, but alas… it is slow as hell :frowning:
No way to get labs started.

Any hope of improvement ?

You mean the production site?

If so I just tested the JSNAPy lesson and all seems okay. Maybe a transient issue? Let me know if you have more specifics and I’ll try to reproduce.

In any case, this is yet another example of how tracing could help us - hopefully we can get to that point of MP1 soon.

Yeah, the production site… Maybe a problem on which I’ve tested, then…

Looks like there’s an issue with launching a Jupyter notebook, which the NAPALM lesson uses (and is currently the only one that does). I opened

Update: after further investigation, I discovered a few things we need to fix longer-term, but the good news is this was easy to fix temporarily. See for details. The lesson should be available again.

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