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Presentation proposal at Paris Open Source Summit in december

I’m thinking about presenting NRE Labs and Antidote at the forecoming Paris Open Source Summit (POSS 2019) around 10th of december.

Here’s the CfP :

I myself could probably speak more of the platform and virtualized labs oportunities and less of network automation, but I’d be glad to share the slot with anyone else interested.

I guess a presentation in french could be more appropriate given the moderate international nature of the audience (wild guessing…). But I could probably do it in english too :wink:

Also it could be another opportunity to organize a french/european community meetup (see my other post about Matt’s visit for the other Open Source Summit happening in France this fall ;).

Anyone interested ?

I guess the CfP deadline isn’t that far, so I’ll not wait long until I submit a proposal. No guarantee it will be accepted as I’m not sure I see a clear topic to submit to…

Ideas, suggestions, partners in crime ?

FYI, here’s my submission to the CfP : (it seems openly accessible… on purpose ?)

It seems I’ll be speaking on december 10th at 18:00 11th at 17:30:

If you’re in Paris, please join me and win a sticker :wink:

Just catching up on this, looks great @obergix, and thanks for taking the initiative to do this. If there’s anything we can do to help support, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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FYI, Here’s the pointer to my presentation and a few comments:
In addition tried to talk about the platform to the participants to the summit I’ve met, but unfortunately the attendance was really low due to ongoing strikes and transportation hell in Paris :-/
Also, you may meet some stickers on a laptop near you, some day soon (I’ve spread a bunch)