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Release Kickoff - NRE Labs Curriculum v1.1.0

Platform Target - v0.5.0 (which is v0.4.0 compatible)
Project Plan -
Target Release Date - Jan 24, 2020
Release Manager - @cloudtoad

Per the curriculum release planning process, this post formally kicks off the release cycle for NRE Labs curriculum v1.1.0. This thread should be used for all communications outside of the weekly standups that pertain to planning this release.

The immediate task to perform is to gather the important deliverables for this release. The following sources should be consulted for ideas for deliverables that should be included in the plan:

  • Open issues or PRs in the curriculum repository - especially those that are marked low-complexity
  • Ideas from the community not yet documented formally (please mention them below as a reply to this message).
  • Any tasks that need to be done to bring the existing curriculum in line with the targeted Antidote platform version

Deliverables that are identified for this release cycle will be moved into the project plan linked above. However, you’re welcome to work on anything you like, and it will more than likely be included in this release if merged to master in time. In the event it cannot, a maintainer will work with you to get it into an upcoming release.

  • Cumulus VX and FRR images for v1.0.1, with demos in PTR for reference
  • Additional BASH lessons for v1.0.1

Right off the top of my head.

Update - the two main issues holding up this release are the fixes to the stackstorm lesson and the troubleshooting lesson. As these are the primary focus of this release, it doesn’t make sense to continue with the release until those are fixed. We’ll move the targeted release date forward by a week for now.

Have these two issues been resolved? Are we ready to release 1.0.1?

I don’t believe so. I think it’s probably a good idea that we revive this release cycle as well as Antidote 0.5.0 (since we’ll need to dirty master pretty soon with all the MP1 changes). We’ll add it to the next standup agenda.

A quick update - I’m declaring this release is v1.1.0. As per the release process, we are going to try to keep patch releases limited to fixes. Whenever there is substantial content being added to the curriculum, we’ll likely do a minor release. Since we’re planning on not only fixing some of the existing issues, but adding quite a bit more content, it doesn’t make sense to make this a patch release of v1.0.0 but rather give it it’s own minor release of v1.1.0

All of the other information like the release plan and the timeline are the same. I’ve just updated the version here and on the Github project.