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Removing Guacamole

The work for re-vamping antidote-web continues, as we’re currently engaged with a company who specializes in web development to really re-vamp antidote-web and set us up with a much more maintainable project for the long-term.

One outcome from this work was the identification (or really, reminder) of a problem - Guacamole. While it got us this far, there are many reasons (some of which have been brought up here) for finding alternatives. The consulting company we’re working with has provided us with a proposal for replacing it with xterm.js, which will result in a number of benefits for the NRE Labs project as a whole.

The implementation plan for this on the antidote-web side isn’t quite finalized, but in the meantime, I drew up this document to explain the necessary steps we’ll need to take in order to facilitate this change. As is customary for design documents like this, I’ve submitted it in a Pull Request if you wish to leave contextual comments or questions. Of course, discussions here are also welcome.

IIUC webssh2 replaces it.

It seems that there’s a Docker image antidotelabs/webssh2… but I can’t seem to find the source Dockerfile, etc. for it.

Any hints ?

We’re making a fork of a fork for now because we need the fix in

Uh… I see :wink:

How’s the particular version used for the build tracked, just out of curiosity… the master HEAD in our repo ?

At the moment, yes, because we’re relying on a fix that’s not merged upstream yet. Once done we’ll likely delete the fork and build off of an upstream release.

Suggestion : add an atidote-… tag to the repo, just to make it explicit, even if no commit of our own there, possibly in sync with images versioning ?
(repost, since you responded while I was editing my previous message :wink: