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Retrieving lab work (import/export of files)?

Would it make sense to have a feature in the Web interface that would allow importing or exporting files into the labs.

I imagine some labs could consist in assembling stuff that learners could wish to save for later use, so downloading files from the lab could be useful… and why not import the too. The latter can be achieved through wget most likely. The former with copy/paste, but that may not be the most practical way.

I imagine this would require some sort of instrumentation of syringe/antidote… I’m not sure there’s a upload/download feature in Guacamole, but who knows… maybe some kind of Web proxy of scp exists, much like for SSH ?

It seems to me that Guacamole’s RDP proxy (graphical) has some drag and drop feature… but have never tested it.

This has been open in for a while but I haven’t had a chance to work on it.