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Running Antidote inside Docker with Kind

I’m experimenting with running the k8s cluster needed by Antidote inside Docker using kind ( as a test replacement for Vagrant + hypervisor for selfmedicate. Yeah, I know, I’m crazy :wink:

Here’s a little startup script and kind config file that I’ve prepared which could be used to start it :

Doesn’t fully work yet, but I’m continuing my tests, and will keep you posted.

I can confirm that it’s working :slight_smile:, provided the curriculum host dir is mounted to the container under /antidote and the widlcard ingress is applied.

See branch contents…

I guess this would make it my preferred option on a Linux laptop already running Docker, for testing curriculum lessons, at least for pure container-based lessons.

Haven’t tested yet the qemu based endpoints… but, let’s try it.

Hey, the qemu ones work also :slight_smile:

Only the web app endpints (Jupyter et al.) don’t but probably the wildcard vs local-host issue.

So far so good.

Wow, this even works with Windows 10 with Docker desktop :slight_smile:


I’ve committed, in the config file, an example of the c: kind of path that allows mounting the curriculum at kind start.

Ooohhh… Now you have my attention. I am going to have to look into Kind. Maybe we provide multiple options for people to get antidote running.

Heh :wink:

Maybe a first step would be to split the provisioning steps into different scripts: see