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Running selfmedicate in Vagrant with libvirt (Linux qemu/kvm)

The recent changes on selfmedicate contributed by @smk4664 make it rely on Vagrant to run a Virtual Machine, which will host the Kubernetes platform running Antidote and the labs.

The initial implementation worked well with VirtualBox (and maybe other) virtualization driver for Vagrant.

I’ve made some tests, and it seems it works well with libvirt, provided a few changes, if one runs Linux on the host. libvirt uses qemu/kvm to run the VM. More Vagrant options :slight_smile:

I’ve filed this issue for those interested:

Interested folks can try the changes on my branch at: to do more testing.
The main change is just to use a different base box built for libvirt for the Ubuntu OS booted in the VM.

Nice to see the good work by Stephen makes it so versatile :slight_smile:

Ideally with using vagrant, you can use many different hypervisors. I will be updating the image to use one that supports more hypervisors.

Btw, @blinklet posted on his blog about running with libvirt:

If you are using a Linux system, you can get better performance if you use Libvirt and KVM, which provide native support for nested virtualization.