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Sticking to k8s 1.14 for selfmedicate a necessity?

I’m wondering if there’s a necessity of sticking to k8s 1.14 in selfmedicate, or if it could be brought to a more recent version of k8s.

I’m currently testing integration of Eclipse Che with Antidote and encountered strange issues, so wanted to test deployment on a “latest” k8s to see it that’d help. Hence my curiosity about some tight dependency on 1.14…

Thanks in advance.

This is entirely based on what Antidote itself currently supports, which is 1.14 at the moment.


FWIW, the following changes may be tested… so far, things I’ve tested were working inside selfmedicate :

Thanks, but I was referring to antidote-core. There would be a significant amount of work to catch up the vendored client-go library and generated crd code to be compatible with 1.18. I’m not saying that we don’t also need to do this at some point, but I have limited time to focus on this right now.

OK, fully ACK. I’m just trying to see how that benefits to my attemps with Che, and will report eventually