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Syringe-mock still a thing?

I haven’t been able to follow recent evolutions of the platform, with the new UI overhaul.

I’m wondering whether syringe-mock is still supposed to be a thing, as I didn’t spot references to docker compose in the new documentation… maybe I haven’t search well, tho.

Any advice ?

P.S. I’m trying to test the POC that my students have implemented to integrate Antidote with Moodle over LTI, and have a set of Docker compose containers for running Moodle, so adding syringe(-mock) would fit perfectly in my POC.

It was really meant to be a one-time thing to buy time for the antidote-web overhaul, before MP1 was finished. I either have to spend time keeping it alive, or just push forward to the new model that will work better for everyone.

That said, the current state of Syringe should work with the necessary tweaks to the docker-compose deployment (as the antidote-web changes were made under the assumption of a stable syringe API) but YMMV