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Testing New Infra, Platform v0.4.0, Curriculum v1.0.0

For each release of the NRE Labs curriculum or the Antidote platform, especially significant ones,
it’s important that we do some user-facing testing to ensure that things are still working as expected.


The test version of NRE Labs is currently available here:

< REMOVED, the site is now live at the regular URL >

IMPORTANT NOTE This URL is NOT meant to be shared. It is a testing site that should not be relied upon beyond the scope of this testing cycle. Please only use this URL yourself, and do not share it, as it is subject to removal after this testing cycle has completed.

Testing a lesson is fairly simple. Basically, follow the lesson guide and follow it just like a user would. Here are some things you should do to ensure the lesson is thoroughly tested:

  • Click the buttons underneath code snippets and make sure the text is copied into the terminal properly
  • Try typing things into the terminal yourself
  • Generally follow and read the lab guide for each stage, noting any egregious errors in the text there, or any discrepancies between the output the guide tells you to expect, and what you actually see in the terminal.
  • Don’t forget to test all of the stages of a given lesson, using the drop-down to the top left of the screen, above the lesson guide. The links below all start with the first stage, and you can navigate to the others using that dropdown, or using the giant button at the bottom of the lesson guide.
  • Try the features of the lesson UI, such as copy/paste, or when available, looking at the lesson diagram or lesson video.
  • Please test on a reasonably updated version of both Chrome and Firefox. The best way to approach this is to load the URL on one browser, and test it thoroughly, then do the same thing again on another browser.
  • Make note of load times, both initially, and as you move between stages. Generally speaking, each should take no more than a few minutes at the MOST.

Throughout your testing, take notes of your findings, and post them as a reply to this topic.

Known Issues

There are a few things we already know about, so you don’t need to worry about reporting

  • Paste doesn’t work on FF, due to a permissions problem.
  • Rarely, once the lesson loads, the terminal will fail to load for one or more of the endpoints (tabs). This should be resolved with a page refresh. If after a few refreshes it still doesn’t load, please provide feedback.
  • Lesson 15 on StackStorm has, in the past had rare issues with load times. About 5% of the time, it will take on the order of 15 minutes to load, and perhaps even timing out. We’ve made some adjustments, so if this still happens, I want to hear about it. But just wanted to provide fair warning to anyone testing that lesson.
  • The git lesson doesn’t have an email or name assigned so the commit doesn’t work. Easy fix, we just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Do you want issues opened on github, or posted on this page for now?

Here for now. We’ll move things to issues as needed

Google Chrome - Windows 10
Ctrl+C has unexpected behavior. In Windows ctrl+c copies the selected text to Keyboard, but the ssh session has the keyboard, so instead of copying text, the ctrl+c is sent to the linux vm. The Copy button above the screen will copy text from the vm, but not from the lesson.

YAML Stage 2
The final snippet does not produce the output on the screen, due to python waiting on an Enter. The Python console shows …

Is the git lesson proposal for fixing adding to the lesson how to set the and using git config? I personally think that should be part of the lesson, instead of defaulting it in the vm.

@smk4664 You’re totally right about the fix for the Git lesson. I added that as a step to the guide in To be honest, that lesson needs a LOT more love - it’s one of the oldest, so it’s still in “PoC mode” :slight_smile: but this works for now.

I also put in a fix for your feedback on the YAML lesson in the same PR.

Ack on your copy+paste feedback - that whole thing is a bit of a mess still, tbh, so I’m thinking it will have to wait until the next release, especially for keyboard shortcuts - that much has never worked.

Thanks to all for feedback. We’ll wrap it there for this round. Note that feedback is obviously still welcome at any time, but we’ll roll it forward into the next release cycle. Since we’re doing this separately for the curriculum now, this should be even easier to do.

By the way, the URL above is no longer valid so I removed it in case anyone stumbles on this later. :slight_smile: The new version of the site is now live at

Thanks again!

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