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Web terminal emulator replacement?

At the moment, Guacamole is used as a SSH proxy to the virtualized endpoints. Guacamole may also offer other proxying for VNC or RDP for instance for GUI access to virtualized desktops.

However, if the only need is to connect to a terminal, other options may be available, like ShellInABox:

I think it may offer better performance, and simplify architecture, if the only goal is to connect a single predictable user to a terminal, without the real need for the Guacamole Web app, guacd proxy and OpenSSH server, for instance…

This is interesting. My main concern with this is that we’d effectively be throwing away the easy future win of implementing RDP and VNC with guacamole. Not saying that’s a bad thing, maybe that’s worth it. Just wanted to call it out.

As long as this doesn’t require us to expose SSH to the internet (which on first glance looks to be true), then architecturally, this may work. We’re pretty bound to the current model where we have a proxy (guacd) that allows us to only perform in-cluster SSH connections, so I’d want to preserve that going forward.

I’ll keep an eye on this, maybe this is something we can tackle once the UX changes to Antidote-web land (hopefully in the next month or so).