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Weekly Standup is Discontinued For Now

Today’s weekly standup will be the last standup for the forseeable future. Attendance has been consistently low, likely in part due to the various social and health issues going on in the world right now. So, rather than continuing this synchronous form of communication, I proposed this morning that we double down on our asynchronous communication, like GitHub, and these forums.

We’ll keep the Zoom account around, at least for the time being, so that if ad hoc meetings are needed, those can still take place.

I have also created this gitter community for real-time communication. I’d like to maintain these forums as the primary communication platform for the project outside of GitHub, but I understand that real time is sometimes nice. Let’s treat it as it as something that’s nice if people are logged into, but no SLA. I’ll try to keep an open tab for it when I can, but no guarantees.